Fiji – one of the world’s happiest countries

Fijian resort

1. Colors – With myriad greens in the landscapes, yellows and chartreuse mingling as palm trees rustle in the breeze and the bright oranges of ripe mangos and papayas, Fiji flaunts all the feel-good colors.
2. Climate – With balmy temperatures hovering between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius (79 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit) few complain of the cold in Fiji. Clothes are needed for modesty only and life happens mostly outdoors.
3. Community – Fiji has a very tight-knit society that is mostly village based. Even the cities feel small and aunts, uncles and cousins are likely to live in the same neighborhood.
4. Fresh food – Fiji is known to have some of the best food in the South Pacific thanks to the Indian, Southeast Asian and Chinese influences blended with Melanesian staples like taro, tropical fruits, coconut, pork and seafood.
5. Music – A warm starry night, a good meal and some kava drinking inevitably means that the guitars come out and everyone sings, slaps their knees, plays the spoons or just hums along with the song.
6. Peace – Fiji has had a rocky political past and only recently held open democratic elections again after a coup in 2006. But even at its most tense, serious violence has not been an issue here and the current situation appears to be solid.