Airport on Saint Martin

Landing planeOn the island there are two major airports. In the more populous Dutch part there is international airport named Princess Juliana International Airport. Smaller French airport serves only to travel to nearby islands in the region – Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint Barthélemy.

The first airport is also known as Saint Maarten International Airport. For the year here goes about 1.5 million travelers and 100,000 flights. The airport was named in 1944 after Princess Juliana of the Netherlands. Originally (1942) it was a military airport. Over time, the airport was upgraded and relocated.

Runway 10 on the island is very famous, because the pilots before landing are forced to fly low over the water. Directly over the famous Maho Beach. Another approach is not possible because of the mountains on the island. Because of this, the officers had to adjust the international rules on aircraft away from residential areas. Aircraft directly over tourists on the beach – it’s well known picture of Saint Martin. Photographers love this scene.