Saint Martin beaches

Saint Martin beachesTop five beaches are huge Orient Beach with white sand, Mullet Bay, Happy Bay, Simpson Beach Bay near the airport and Baie Rogue.

There are a total of 37 beaches. Some of the beaches belong to nearby hotels. The beaches on the French side are more abandoned and more natural. There is also a coral reef where you can snorkel. Naturists have reserved one place (at Happy Bay). You will find everything – a divine view of the great sea, majestic cliffs and friendly quiet coves. Some beaches are noisy and full of people, others provide peace and relaxation. The beaches are lined with palm trees and beautiful scenery. Sunsets and night walks are magical here.

In close proximity there are all necessary services – beach bars, numerous water sports clubs and restaurants with international offer of food. There is also a golf course or hiking trails. The beaches are safe. The last serious case happened in 1995 when a hurricane Louis devastated the west coast.