Shopping on Saint Martin

Shopping on islandThe two main towns on the island, Pilipsburg and Marigot, are well-known for large selection of goods, and absence of annoying administration. There are boutiques and luxury goods directly from Paris. Shopping centers have goods from America; a variety of foodstuffs are imported mostly from Europe. The island has its own musicians with their own style. There are souvenir and gift shops. For example, such Rum Jumbie Liquor.

Near the beaches you will find many shops with tropical leisure wear and so on. Visit the World Rima Beach, walking road with shops for tourists. Shipwreck shops offer especially Caribbean and exotic goods. The island is also well stocked with high-end electronics and a few luxury shops jewelry. For example – if you are looking for Carribean gems, you are at right place.

There are also stores like Toys for adults or large shop with cameras and equipment – if you forget your camera at home. Alcohol, tobacco and health business can not miss there.